Breaking the Cycle of Suck

I almost didn't begin this day's Morning Pages or blog post. I have a bad habit of getting derailed after a few days into a new personal habit. The first few days are easy, and then--boom--I hit a brick wall where something gets me off-track and then I say to myself "fuck it" and give … Continue reading Breaking the Cycle of Suck

Back in the Habit

That title really begs for a nun joke, but since I don't have one at the ready, I'll just lead with a photo of a tin of Three Nuns, a pipe tobacco I quite like and was C.S. Lewis' preferred blend. Back to the topic at hand, my reference to habits doesn't relate to pipes today, … Continue reading Back in the Habit

On Morning Pages and Self-discipline

I'm pretty bad at daily habits. Exhibit #1 is that my last public post on this blog was a book review from August 2016. I need to get better about this. I've been making my living with words for several years now, and between my paid gigs (mostly corporate telecom documentation) and my family life, … Continue reading On Morning Pages and Self-discipline