Lifehacker Weekend Editor

I was the Weekend Editor at Lifehacker from 2011 through 2013, writing over 750 posts in that timeframe. Since my posts were on the weekend, they were more focused on kitchen and home tech tips than on work-related hacks. My routine was to write and publish eight posts each Saturday and seven posts each Sunday.

I’m not going to list each of the posts individually on this blog, but I will provide a link to all of my content on Kinja , the content management system that Gawker created if you want to dive in the deep end.

For everyone else, here is a curated list a few of my most popular posts:

This post was my highest-traffic-ever at over 188k hits. People really love their coffee milkshakes!

This is a personal favorite–who doesn’t love talking about their favorite gear–and it performed well scoring 68k hits. Note this was just before I became an Apple fan, so my tech tools stack is much different these days.

This post synergized dog lovers with RaspberryPi hackers and was a quintessential Lifehacker post. 52k readers agree!

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