Breaking the Cycle of Suck

I almost didn’t begin this day’s Morning Pages or blog post.

I have a bad habit of getting derailed after a few days into a new personal habit. The first few days are easy, and then–boom–I hit a brick wall where something gets me off-track and then I say to myself “fuck it” and give up on that day.

Not today. The Resistance can suck it!

When I start to feel the pressure mounting from having too many irons in the fire, I’ve noticed a predictable series of events that lead to me getting off-track I call the cycle of suck. Here’s how it goes for me:

The Cycle of Suck

  1. “Man, I’ve got a lot of stuff to do today.”
  2. “I’m actually feeling kind of run-down today. I wonder if I’m getting sick?”
  3. “It’s going to be difficult to pull myself out of the social media nosedive my productivity has taken today.”
  4. “I wonder what’s new on YouTube?”

Nope! Noppity-nope! Not gonna do it, this time! I’ve gotta find a way to break through.


So I’m sitting at my desk at the home office with my candle burning and with Tom Waits in my ears. I might be incomprehensibly babbling on my pages, but I’m going to have three pages of incomprehensible babbling, dammit!

Addendum – I did finish – the first page was most of what you read here, and the other two pages were me whinging about something in my personal life. That will not the subject of a blog post today!

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