Happy Birthday, Joshua!

Today is Joshua’s thirteenth birthday. My son is a teenager.

The first day I ever met Joshua was on his sixth birthday. Megan and I had been dating for around six months, but we both felt it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to meet him until we knew that our relationship would go the distance.


Joshua at six-years-old


It was a hard transition going from bachelor to having an instant family in that it shattered a lot of paradigms and upset the way I had lived most of my life until that point, but it absolutely forced me to become a better man. Every day that I look at my gorgeous wife and my two beautiful children, I realize how blessed I am.
Being a parent to any child is a lot of work, sometimes thankless work, and being a special needs parent is doubly-so. Joshua is challenging and charming all at the same time–a sweet kid who has a lot of love to give and tons of potential. I’m going to do my best to continue giving him and his sister what they need to become the people they’re meant to be, and he’s going to continue to challenge me to be the very best father I can be.

I am very proud of my son on the cusp of his transition from child to teenager. I look forward to meeting the man he will become one day. I am proud to see how he challenges the limits set upon him by schools and doctors and continues to excel past those limits. What does the future hold for him? I don’t know, but we’ll get there together, one day at a time. I love you, son. Happy birthday and may God grant you many years!