How to use your Apple Watch to measure steps for Healthy Roads Connected!

My employer has a third-party wellness rewards vendor named Healthy Roads who came out with the Connected! program last year to automatically gain points toward the Healthy Return by pulling fitness data from a list of approved devices/apps. If you gain enough points through exercise logging, sufficiently good labs, participating in online classes or phone coaching, and/or participating in challenges you can earn $500. It’s always been a pain to get the healthy return, but Megan did so pretty easily by connecting her Fitbit.

Unfortunately, Healthy Roads has not added the Apple Watch’s native Activity app to the list of yet, but I have found a work-around if you don’t want to use an active workout tracker like Map My Run/Walk/Etc or Strava. Moves App is a third-party app that is always on tracking your movements and fitness activity and is one of the approved apps for Healthy Returns. The drawback for using Moves App is that it will shorten your battery life since it is always active. I’ve only just downloaded the app, so I’m not sure of the battery life impact it will have on my iPhone 6s Plus, but I’ll update this post after a week or so to give you a better idea.

Here are the steps to set up your Apple Watch to work with Healthy Roads via Moves App.

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch is already set to track your movements through the native Activity app and that you have an active account.
  2. Download Moves App to your iPhone:
  3. Setup an account with username and password.
  4. Go to Connected! Marketplace and connect Moves App to your Healthy Roads account. Healthy Roads will generate a PIN to enter on your phone to connect the two. Here’s what the screen looks like: