The Great Gatsby, finally!

I must confess, I am a literature fan who has never read one of the hallmark American Lit novels. Somehow I missed The Great Gatsby (TGG) in high school and college, and didn’t get around to it until now. I think I might start a series on exploring some of the classic high school reading list books I never read. Would anyone be interested in that?

I listened to an audiobook version of the novel from my local library. It’s a short book, less than 250 pages if I recall, and the narrated version took up a little less than four audio CDs. I started it on Monday evening and finished this morning on my drive to work.

It feels a little presumptuous to delve into the plot itself, given how far behind the ball I was, but I highly enjoyed TGG. The language is beautiful, the plot is well-woven, and it was quite pleasant to be whisked away to 1920s NYC and surrounding towns at a time where everyone still talks about what they did during World War I, prohibition is still in effect but is mostly ignored, and the upper classes are enjoying the pinnacle of life with no signs of the coming stock market crash.

I want to read a print copy of the book, probably in a year or two, so I can experience the flow of the prose again and get to inhabit the worlds of Jay Gatsby, Nick Carraway, Tom and Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and the rest of the colorful supporting cast.