IFTTT Goodreads To-Read List to Evernote

Recently, I created my first custom recipe using If This Then That(IFTTT). If you’re not familiar with the service, IFTTT allows you to connect the output of one app as the input of another app, much in the same way that pipes work in Unix. Here’s a pretty easy-to-understand example: This recipe will search for any photos on Facebook that are tagged with my profile and download those photos to Dropbox.

I like to use Goodreads to track the books I read and want to read, but it is inconvenient to pull up my to-read list on my phone using the website. Goodreads has their own app, but I really don’t want to waste space on that tiny function. Instead, I created a recipe in IFTTT that will take any book I’ve marked to-read and append that title to my to-read note in Evernote. This way, I can use Goodreads as I will and still have my list readily available in a preferred format.

It’s a small little thing, but I’m always happy when I make something!