Non-Lazy Sunday

No disrespect to The Lonely Island, but my Sunday involved more manual labor than watching Narnia movies and eating cupcakes.

Instead, I spent my day helping my in-laws move across town. They are both retired now and plan on spending half the year here and the other half in beautiful Bethany Beach, DE. They decided they didn’t need their big house down here anymore, and it sold pretty quickly, so much so that they’re renting an apartment for a year while they find or build their next house. The apartment was (of course) on the third floor, so in 40 or so trips up and down with furniture and boxes I got my workout in for the weekend. In between trips, my father-in-law grilled burgers and we lounged in the pool for a couple of hours swapping stories about my wife and her sister’s secondary school adventures.

It was nice to be useful for Mom & Dad, who has done so much for us, and hanging out in the pool hearing about my wife at 15 trying to run away to Florida was highly entertaining. Later we came home and did farm chores. It was a very tiring, but quite awesome day.