Acceptance of occasional banality

Bored Now

I’m an infrequent personal blogger. This seems odd, since for almost two years I made part of my living writing for Lifehacker writing 15 posts per weekend, but when it comes to my personal blog I clamp down and only share when I believe I have something of great worth. This period was great to develop good writing habits and correct poor ones that carried over from the 90s (although many of my English teachers were in their 50s in the 1990s, so perhaps I was being taught to the standard of their teachers in the 1950s and 1960s). Deadlines also really help you meet your daily word count.

So much of what is shared on various personal blogs and social media sites range from pedestrian to insipid. I don’t always need to know what breakfast cereal you’re having or read your third complaint today about your coworkers. I am more drawn to sharing useful information rather than spewing forth the minutia of my life. On the other hand, that does sound like an extreme and I typically prefer to avoid extremes. In the future I shall try to find a middle ground and share more with becoming tiresome. I’m going to aim for frequently infrequent.

Fellow bloggers, what balance do you strike in regard to what you share?

Oh, and by the way I just had a leftover cheeseburger for breakfast. I thought you might like to know. Cheerio.