Developing Me by Me Developing

Keep calm and code on tshirt
how this develops.

I’ve always wanted to learn programming and serious web development (not just 1996 HTML with frames) and now seemed like the nexus of opportunity and desire. I’ve started a Ruby on Rails learning track at So far, I’m about half way through the course but haven’t touched Ruby yet. I’ve spent time building a basic site with HTML and CSS, delving deeper into HTML and CSS, and now building up skills in Javascript. In the next couple of weeks I will install the Ruby development environment, create a GitHub account, and really dig into the language.

My day job (well, night job since I work 3rd shift) is also encouraging me to spend time building up Unix admin skills, which between that and my work at Treehouse should help me develop into a well-rounded geek and hopefully level-up career wise. There are a lot of great resources to learn out there, many of them free. Treehouse is normally $29/mo, but my awesome library system pays them a direct fee for any library card holders to access the site for free.

No idea if I have the chops to become a professional developer, but just learning to read code and manipulate scripts has been totally worth the effort. We shall see over the next few months

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